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Anonymous asked: You realize that marriage did not originate in christianity, it was merely hijacked right? So I don't think you have the right to tell two people in love they can't be married.





I’m pretty sure it did, and I will always believe that marriage is solely between a man and woman. Man and man or woman and woman marriages aren’t legit because in God’s eyes it is wrong. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

in God’s eyes telling Abraham to kill his son just to test him was okay…

It was but, actually most Theologians would tell you it was because God had some reservations about Abraham. 

The story as told in Sunday school is often told as Abraham’s willingness to kill his son for God is a good thing but the Bible doesn’t actually read that way.

Before this test, God spoke to Abraham often… face to face. However, after this test the person who tells him “lol jk. You’re cool.” is an ANGEL and not God which is weird considering how God spoke to Abraham directly for lesser things before the test. As you read on, you notice, God never talks to Abraham directly again. Like all relationships, that’s a bad sign right? Very passive aggressive. Not a sign of everything being okay. 

We also see that it creates a turmoil in Abraham’s family. Abraham and his family were very close before this, but after, we hear that his wife died in a totally different city and he had to “make arrangements to travel to her place of death as to bury her.” Again, notice, they once lived together, but no longer did to the point where she, a woman would rather live alone and die in a different city than her husband. Same with his son. His son, does not stay with his parents and chooses to move away. 

It is written by most scholars that this story was not one to look up to but instead of one to make sure people were wary of blind love. It’s basically supposed to be taken as God saying  ”Woah dude, I get it. You have love. But maybe… you shouldn’t let it just take over your life…. yeah? Cool.”

But for the whole homosexuality thing, 

Fun fact, the Bible in its original language and entire context does NOT refer to homosexuality! 

Leviticus in Ancient Hebrew ACTUALLY says something more along the lines of 

"For if a man forces himself on another man as he would wrongfully with woman they (“they” is in reference to the rapist) have committed a wrong and should be put to death.”

AKA: the closest we see to homosexual relations is in regards to homosexual rape. AND if one read the entire section it’s pretty explicit about male and female sexual relations (as that is the nature of the section) and unlike other sections which explicitly say things about female sexual activity in counterparts to male activity, it does not list things about female homosexual acts. SO even if one was to take the horribly translated, out of context English version to a T (which is dumb) the fact remains that FEMALE homosexual relations aren’t mentioned at all.Therefore One could be bigoted and hate male homosexuality (despite that not being right at all) however hatred for female homosexuality would be unjustified and unsupported even with Biblical translation manipulation because it is never even addressed.

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